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Grinding Wheels and Industrial Abrasives

Lowton Abrasives is a new supplier of grinding wheels and industrial abrasives to suit the needs of those companies operating in important industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, bearings, ceramics, glass, railway and steel.

Lowton Abrasives in Cheshire is the official agent in the United Kingdom and Ireland for Carborundum Electrite a.s. of the Czech Republic.

Our broad product offering includes grinding wheels of three main types:

Vitrified grinding wheels and industrial abrasives are designed to work a very broad range of materials from glass to wood and even high alloyed steel.

The resinoid bonded abrasives and grinding wheels are designed for particularly heavy duty tasks such as metal cutting,  and  rail track grinding.  

Rubber bonded abrasives are suitable for polishing tasks or fine grinding work.

We are conveniently located in Warrington Cheshire, a central UK location with excellent communication links so you can take advantage of our quick delivery service on both stock and made to order product range. Click here for more information.

We can also support our customers in the development of new applications, product trials and technical support. Our staff have spent many years working in the UK abrasives market and can share that knowledge and experience with you.

This web site gives an over view of our products and services. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

Grinding Wheels

If you are looking to buy grinding wheels at value for money prices, look no further! Lowton Abrasives is supplies industrial abrasives to suit the needs of many industries such as aerospace, automotive, railway and many more. We can offer you great deals on 3 kinds of high quality grinding wheels. We have vitrified, resinoid and rubber grinding wheels. Try us now, and experience true quality at an honest price!


Lowton Abrasives is the last word in the sale of high quality abrasives. Conveniently situated at Warrington Cheshire with excellent communication links, it is easy to get in touch with us. We will not only provide you with high quality abrasives, but we will do it quickly! Trust only Lowton Abrasives to give you the best and you will surely be more than just satisfied!

Grinding Products

Are you looking for the best grinding products at an unbeatable price range? Well, you have made the right choice! We provide grinding products to a host of industries, and probably the best of them all! From the railways to aerospace, we have supplied to major customers! And if you think that we are expensive, think again! Compare our rates with the industry standards and you will know for yourself. We will give you true value for your money!

Aerospace Turbine Blades

At Lowton Abrasives, you will only find the best quality products at unbeatable prices! We pride ourselves on our products such as our new generation abrasives used for the production of aerospace turbine blades. We sell a special micro-crystal used for this application which causes less burning on the aerospace turbine blades. Lowton Abrasives is a name you can trust! You can be sure of our services.

Marine Grinding Products

Want high quality marine grinding products? You will find only the best, right here at Lowton Abrasives. With us, you will discover a whole new world of high quality marine grinding products at prices that are unbelievable! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, so you will not be left wanting for pre or post sale help and advice! Try us out now and you will see it for yourself!

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