Crankshafts, Camshafts, Pistons & Piston Rings
We have a range of vitrified bonded abrasive wheels for these application areas. For example in the production of crankshafts during we have a full range of products including wheels for plunge grinding.

Both traditional and ‘sandwich’ wheels can be supplied in a variety of dimensions and specifications.

Carborundum Electrite a.s. has also developed micro-crystal corundum 99SA for this type of application. The demands put upon grinding wheels during the production of the above components to high tolerances, has called for the development of a new generation of abrasives which can achieve this high specification.

Intricate Grinding Operations
For highly technical automotive products, we have a vast selection of vitrified wheels and points mounted on spindles.

General Purpose Metal Cutting
Within the Carborundum Electrite product portfolio, there are cut-off and fluting wheels designed to cope with the demands of grinding or cutting different types of metals, from steel and brass, to aluminium and bronze.