Applications for Cut-off & Fluting Wheels
Our cut-off and fluting wheels are suitable for cutting steel or cast iron rods or tubes from 100-800mm in diameter, and profiles in heavy duty and automotive applications. In addition, laboratories put the wheels to good use when taking metallic samples.

Enhanced Performance
New types of special abrasive grain compositions have resulted in wheels of higher strength and durability. An improved thermal treatment stage during manufacture has also improved cutting capabilities of our cut-off and fluting wheels.

This new generation of wheel means that performance has been enhanced by 40-150%.

Standard Cut-off & Fluting Wheels
We can also supply a broad range of traditional wheels of this type to work with steel and cast iron, as well as non-metallic substances including stone, ceramics, glass and precious metals.

Many engineering activities are catered for in iron foundries, ceramics works and the glass industry. Some wheels are also reinforced with fibreglass dependent upon the application.

Abrasive & Grit Size
C 30s
A 24s
A 24s
Cast Iron
ZF, A 24s
Ductile Iron
A, ZF 24s
A, ZF 30s
ZF, A 24s
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