Applications for Fettling or Snagging Wheels
Fettling or snagging wheels are designed to remove flash and risers from castings of all sizes. Use of such wheels can also be found in rubbing workshops.

The table below gives typical abrasive and grit size for snagging or fettling wheels.

Selection Guide For Fettling or Snagging Wheels

Railway Track Grinding
Carborundum Electrite has developed snagging wheels and cut-off wheels for the repair and re-grinding of railway tracks.

The main action of the snagging wheel is to eliminate surface anomalies on the surface of the rail track and for the re-grind of freshly welded track.

Electric drive grinding trains are fitted with up to 48 grinding machines and driven along the track at 4-6 mph, with a grinding force on the wheel of 100 kp.

Throughout the operation, the resinoid snagging wheels are protected with a special peripheral bandage.

Here is a typical wheel specification to suit this application.

Abrasive & Grit Size
C 14s
C 14s
C 14s
Cast Iron
ZF, C 14s
Ductile Iron
ZF, C 14s
ZF, A 24s
ZF, A 14s
Feature Value
250 x 75 x 150 mm
97EA, 96A 16R-S5B
Working Speed
3600 rpm
Maximum Force on Wheel
100 kp
Speed of Grinding Carriage
1-2 m/s
Hardness of Railhead Surface
350-420 HV
Ambient Temperature Range
+30C to -40C
Depth of cut 0.20 mm
Average Service Life 6 hours
Average Gr 8-10
Please note that other products are custom made for the full range of rail track grinding machines from around the world.

High Speed Snagging Wheels
Normally, an abrasive size of 10# to 30# on wheels of 760 mm diameter can be operated at grinding speeds of 50-63 metres per second.

In order to raise the operation speed to 60-80 metres per second, mixtures of zirconia-aluminium oxide (ZF) and other specially treated grains are incorporated during manufacture of the wheel.

Such wheels are characterised but high strength and toughness, giving rise to reduced wear and tear on the wheel, and higher performance compared with conventional products.

Specification for High Speed Snagging Wheels

Diameter, mm
Thickness, mm
Holes, mm
80, 127, 150, 203, 305
F12, F14, F16, F20, F24
N, O, P, Q, R, S
2B, 3B