Grinding & Cutting Wheels
These resinoid wheels are for use with hand grinding machines with a peripheral speed of up to 80 m/s, and suit the grinding of a broad range of materials. They are reinforced with fibreglass and can be supplied with straight or depressed centres.

The benefits these wheels bring, include:

Our grinding and cutting wheels product range:

Select a wheel thickness in the range of 2-3.2 mm for cutting, and ensure that they are not used for grinding.

In grinding applications, used depressed centre wheels with a thickness between 4-10 mm. The touch angle between wheel and material should be 30 degrees.

Profi-Long Life Wheels
For further enhanced performance we can supply profi-ling life resinoid wheels made to order. Please contact us for more information about price and availability.

Type Features
45599, 45799
Standard wheel for grinding or cutting steel or cast iron
45534, 45734
General purpose grinding or cutting of grey cast iron, non ferrous metals, stone, concrete or ceramics
Flex Stainless
For grinding or cutting stainless steel. Special additive eliminates the effect of Fe, S & Cl, preventing burns and micro-cracks. Enables quality welding
95599, 95799
Flex Profi
Suitable for foundries and scouring. High performance and durable cutting of steel profiles
95534, 95734
Flex Profi
High performance and durable grinding or cutting of cast iron, non ferrous metals, stone concrete or ceramics