Mounted Wheels & Points
For intricate or precision grinding needs, there is a huge range of mounted wheels and points and spindles for steel, cast iron and other materials.

These products are useful in a number of applications and industries, from the dressing of swages and moulds, internal grinding in engineering, to use in iron foundries, automotive, ceramics and glass industry. Below is a table summarising the product range we have to offer.

Characteristic Description
Abrasive Grain
For steel: white corundum 99BA or ruby corundum 98A
For cast iron, bronze and stone: green silicon carbide 49C, or black silicon carbide 48C
Conical, cylindrical, double tapered, ogival or spherical
Soft steel: M-99BA wheels
Alloyed steel: O-98A wheels
F60 or F80. Bigger wheels or points have bigger grit sizes and vice versa
Outer, 3-50 mm.
Thickness, 6-40 mm
Spindles Diameters range between 3-9 mm, and length of spindles between 40-50 mm
Bonds Mostly vitrified. However, some resinoid or rubber bonded tools can be made, and some extra-porous tools with rubber bonds for finishing or burnishing operations
Speeds Maximum peripheral working speed is 50 m/s