Grinding Wheel Basics
The construction of a grinding wheel includes an abrasive grain that performs the cutting, and the bonding material that holds the abrasive in place. The measure of the strength of the bonding material to hold the wheel in place is known as the wheel grade. All grinding wheels are porous to some degree. This porous quality is known as the structure.

Think About Your Needs
The information in this section is intended as a guide. Please contact us to discuss your application in detail to ensure we supply the most suitable product.

To help you select the right product for your grinding need, this section describes the things you should consider before purchasing your grinding wheels, such as the type, size, grade, structure and bond type.

Other considerations when selecting a wheel are the type of material to be worked upon, the kind of tool feed, the cutting stress and operation, and the type of coolant being used.

In addition we have included some information on safety, storage and handling of grinding wheels.